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Welcome to COVID Case Files

In the Spring 2021 semester, Honors scholars at North Carolina State University took on the task to explore the historical and ethnographic dimensions of the COVID-19 Pandemic.

This website features the research and reflections of these scholars, from artistic expressions to oral history collections. This is an attempt to archive the experience of simultaneously studying about and living within a global pandemic as an NC State student.

Julia Mattox / “2020 through Dadaism”
Jackson Reinhardt / “Immacuville and the Terror of the Yuck Bugs”
Renee LeClair / “COVID Gambit”
Madelynn Milazzo / “till the cows come home”

Megan Rossi / “‘Once’ in a Lifetime”
Muskan Aslam / “COVID Cookbook”
Christina Nguyen / “Beyond Words”
Lujain Issa / “COVID FEELS”
Javairia Haq / “Greetings from Quarentine”


Osaretin Asemota, Muskan Aslam, Grayson Bradham, Frances Gillespie, Javairia Haq, Amber Hazzard, Lujain Issa, Megan Johannes, Renee LeClair, Julia Mattox, Julian McCormick, Madelyn Milazzo, Christina Nguyen, Hannah Nguyen, Kelsey O’Connor, Alex Payne, Jackson Rhinehardt, Megan Rossi, Evelyn Rowan, Nate Schaefer, Nima Soltanieh, and Amine Yahi

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Nicole Welk-Joerger, Ph.D.